Programs & Resources

OHTO has several programs designed to support and build the capacity of our tourism industry to deliver exceptional visitor experiences.  Grounded in our Wander Sustainably approach, our marketing, product and destination development, skills development, investment attraction, partnerships and research programs and decision-making are developed and guided with inclusivity, community alignment and sustainability in mind.

Participating in these programs and utilizing these resources provides the opportunity to:

  • Be a part of a shared and unified vision that will positively impact your region, community, and business
  • Leverage partnership opportunities and share your story with Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs), as well as Destination Ontario
  • Strengthen our recognition as a region and maximize your message – we can’t outspend our competitors, but together we can create more buzz, tap into new audiences, and share our unique stories
  • Commit to responsible tourism and ensure your organization is reaching and exceeding the expectations of visitors and adopting sustianable tourism best practices
  • Create and improve your experience offerings and discover the power of experiential tourism
  • Discover how to share your story to effectively connect with visitors and reach new audiences

OHTO strives to work collaboratively with our tourism partners to support a responsible tourism approach that will actively engage our thriving industry and build a stronger, resilient future for our communities. 


“As an OHTO member, I was eligible for financial support through the TRIP - Skills Development funding program. As a new business, this helped immensely with the support that I wouldn’t otherwise have afforded at this stage of development. This has resulted in feeling more confident, organized, and professional moving into the year ahead and having a clear understanding of where to focus my time and attention in order to be successful in my business endeavours.”

Courtney, OHTO Member