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It’s no secret to anyone who lives, works, or has ever stepped foot in Ontario’s Highlands that this region is a special place to live, work, and visit.  Untouched natural landscapes, pristine waterways, and the rich rural culture and history of our small towns underpin the character and vibrancy of the Ontario's Highlands experience.

When it comes to tourism, the Ontario's Highlands Tourism Organization's (OHTO) mandate is simple - exists so communities in the region are strengthened through responsible tourism. 

We aim to build a tourism industry community, one where we can all rely on one another and promote our mutual agenda: to create the very best, most successful and vibrant tourism region in Ontario through sustainable best practices in marketing, product and destination development, investment attraction and skills development.

OHTO's purpose is anchored in our commitment to Wander Sustainably, which is grounded in three values and principles that we can have the greatest impact in: Inclusivity, Sustainability, and Community Alignment.  This commitment to a responsible tourism approach is apparent in all that we do with both our visitor and industry-facing initiatives.

If you are involved in the tourism industry in the Ontario’s Highlands region, you are eligible for OHTO membership!  A fully free and accessible membership, join us on this journey of strengthening the region through responsible tourism.  Learn about the benefits of membership and come wander sustainably with us!

How Can We Help?

“As an OHTO member, I was eligible for financial support through the TRIP - Skills Development funding program. As a new business, this helped immensely with the support that I wouldn’t otherwise have afforded at this stage of development. This has resulted in feeling more confident, organized, and professional moving into the year ahead and having a clear understanding of where to focus my time and attention in order to be successful in my business endeavours.”

Courtney, OHTO Member

Wander Sustainably with OHTO

At OHTO, we work with our partners in tourism to support a responsible tourism approach that will actively engage our thriving industry and build a stronger, resilient future for our communities.

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Community Alignment

An OHTO Success Story

Featuring member and regional success stories in Ontario's Highlands.

Embracing Indigenous Knowledge at Madawaska Kanu Centre

Madawaska Kanu Centre (MKC) is a business that is not only putting lip service to their commitment to pursuing sustainability and supporting diversity and inclusivity, they are walking the talk for both. Recently, 20 visitors and staff gathered at MKC to take part in an Indigenous education workshop that would help them learn more about Indigenous history and gain a better understanding of Indigenous issues. 

At the helm of the gathering was Christine Luckasavitch, who is Algonquin Madaoueskarini, as well as Executive Consultant for Waaseyaa Consulting. Christine explained Indigenous history has not always been told by Indigenous people.

Learning more about how Indigenous were displaced and how they are trying to reclaim their history is an important first step in...