Programs & Resources

Marketing Programs & Partnerships

OHTO has a number of programs designed to support and build capacity of our tourism industry to deliver exceptional visitor experiences. Participating in these programs and utilizing these resources provides the opportunity to:

  • Be a part of a shared and unified vision that will positively impact your region, community, and your business
  • Leverage partnership opportunities and share your story with Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs), as well as Ontario Travel Marketing Partnership Corporation (OTMPC)
  • Strengthen our recognition as a region and maximize your message –we can’t outspend our competitors, but together we can create more buzz, tap into new audiences, and share our unique stories
  • Make a commitment to customer service and ensure your business is reaching and exceeding the expectations of visitors
  • Create and improve your experience offerings and discover the power of experiential tourism
  • Discover how to share your story to effectively connect with visitors and reach new audiences

The Ontario’s Highlands Tourism Organization (OHTO) is excited to announce a partnership between OHTO and Tourism Technology Company (TTC) for the launch of a brand-new online booking platform, aptly named “Booker.”

Booker is a digital booking pathway to enhance the online booking process for both consumers and operators, to help businesses turn “just looking” into actual bookings on their own website and on destination marketing websites. 

The Booker platform will simplify the booking process for both consumers and operators, leading to an increase in revenue for operators as more consumers move from trip planning to purchasing. In addition, one of the perks to Booker is the digital tool can be used through the operator's website or directly through OHTO’s consumer website,

Booker is available to tourism business members of Ontario’s Highlands Tourism Organization. Funding is available to cover the set-up charge for a limited number of members to join (on a first-come, first-served basis up to a maximum of 30 operators). 

OHTO members interested in learning more about the Booker platform can schedule a call directly with the TTC and OHTO team to discuss their options and the integration process. 

With some of Ontario’s most picturesque scenery, well-paved winding roads, and roadside eateries and attractions, Ontario’s Highlands is a true motorcycle tourism destination. Seeing the potential for this, OHTO initiated the Ride the Highlands program in 2013.

Ride the Highlands is a niche activity promotional program geared toward the motorcycle enthusiast. Marketing efforts are directed at increasing engagement with the digital platforms associated with this product, including

Promotional activities for this program include the production and distribution of a map, print advertising, media relations, content marketing, digital and social media advertising, and consumer shows.

Efforts to support the program focus on delivering great content to showcase Ontario’s Highlands as a motorcycle destination, and entice both new and previous riders to the region. Ride the Highlands stands out from other riding destinations in the province as it goes the extra mile to engage specific riding markets, try new innovative marketing tactics and help riders with planning needs to create the perfect motorcycle trip.