Programs & Resources

Marketing Programs

OHTO has a number of programs designed to support and build capacity of our tourism industry to deliver exceptional visitor experiences. Participating in these programs and utilizing these resources provides the opportunity to:

  • Be a part of a shared and unified vision that will positively impact your region, community, and your business
  • Leverage partnership opportunities and share your story with Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs), as well as Ontario Travel Marketing Partnership Corporation (OTMPC)
  • Strengthen our recognition as a region and maximize your message –we can’t outspend our competitors, but together we can create more buzz, tap into new audiences, and share our unique stories
  • Make a commitment to customer service and ensure your business is reaching and exceeding the expectations of visitors
  • Create and improve your experience offerings and discover the power of experiential tourism
  • Discover how to share your story to effectively connect with visitors and reach new audiences