From Beirut Lebanon to Vancouver, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and most recently, Ontario’s Highlands, Mike Hage is a world traveler who has seen it all in terms of diverse landscapes. A  civil engineer by trade and a visionary entrepreneur by choice, Mike was ready to make the change to open a tourism business when he purchased his Cloyne property in 2020.

“We saw this property and we knew it was the one,” said Mike. “My wife saw it a few weeks before me, and after seeing more than 30 properties, I said immediately, this is the one.”

Dating back to 1892, Myer’s Cave Resort was once a unique lodge that has since been completely renovated and remodeled using the original structure to incorporate modern conveniences. As owner of the resort, Mike was eager to get involved in the local and regional tourism community. Step one was to join the Ontario’s Highlands Tourism Organization’s Board of Directors, a move that put him in the heart of the regional tourism landscape.

“Tourism opens doors to meeting lots of new people continuously,” said Mike. “I enjoy the place here, the lifestyle, I enjoy living in nature, where there’s no formality, it’s casual Friday here every day.”

Mike’s engineering and business background, plus his wife’s event planning expertise were instrumental in transforming the resort and expanding the property’s offerings. From welcoming guests during the pandemic to converting a barn into a new lodge, the transformation at Myer’s Cave Resort continues to this day.

The decision to join the OHTO Board of Directors stems from a deep-seated desire to contribute to the industry's growth and the development of rural Ontario. Through strategic decision-making, community involvement, and leveraging his diverse skill set, Mike aims to spotlight the untapped potential of rural areas.

“I enjoy meeting new people, being involved in decision making and steering change in the industry,” said Mike. “The value of rural Ontario is underestimated, there’s a lot of potential here that needs to be highlighted and that is what I hope I can bring to the board.”