After 25 years of living in Europe and another 20 years in Toronto, Barbara Kraus decided it was time to reconnect with her love of nature and the outdoors. She and her husband, Reiner Arnold, bought Tamarack Lodge, a cottage resort located on motorless Tamarack Lake in the Haliburton Highlands and have transformed the Lodge into a small-group retreat space that is a haven for nature lovers to find a peaceful place to enjoy nature.

“Connecting with the outdoors is such an important part of our general health and wellbeing. Living in the Haliburton Highlands allows me to do this on a daily basis and to share it with others by working in tourism,” Barbara said.

For the past 12 years, Barbara and her husband have nurtured Tamarack Lodge into a cherished destination, blending their love for nature with hospitality.

Barbara continues to be fascinated by the seemingly endless splendour and beauty of Ontario’s Highlands, particularly the Haliburton Highlands region. She believes in the power of collaboration and communication, recognizing them as the bedrock of successful ventures, proven by her past professional endeavours.

“Working together to provide the best possible experience to visitors to our region is a critical aspect of what we do,” Barbara said. “OHTO provides a framework for tourism businesses to know each other and work together to provide that level of excellence. We have been members of OHTO since joining this community and I am proud to be taking it one step further by joining its board.”

For Barbara, being part of the Ontario’s Highlands is not just a professional endeavour but a personal one. She sees it as a vital way to contribute to the community she calls home and to support the growth and sustainability of the tourism industry in the region. Her international perspective, in addition to her extensive business and tourism background, enriches the board’s discussions and decisions.

Barbara embodies the spirit of collaboration, stewardship and passion for the outdoors, making her a valuable asset to the board and a driving force behind the continued success of tourism in Ontario’s Highlands.

Barbara encourages anyone interested in applying for the board to attend a meeting as a guest to observe firsthand and gain insight into the board’s dynamics and expectations.

“One of us, I’m sure, would be happy to mentor any potential candidates and answer their questions or concerns.” Barbara said.