Are you tired of seeing traffic to your website but without a corresponding increase in bookings? We have good news for you. OHTO is partnering with Tourism Technology Company (TTC)   to launch a brand-new online booking platform, aptly named “Booker.”  

Booker is a digital booking pathway to enhance the online booking process for both consumers and operators, to help businesses turn “just looking” into actual bookings. If you want to increase your revenue generation and target new markets, Booker may be just the solution for you  

Here’s why.

Benefits of Booker

Did you know that most booking platforms aren’t made exclusively for the tourism industry? Some of the biggest issues with existing platforms is their lack of flexibility and that they don’t include options that tourism operators need.  

Maybe you are e happy with your current booking platform, but even still, read the list of benefits when switching to Booker:

  • Booker simplifies the booking process for both consumers and operators
  • Booker allows for more consumers to book directly with the business with increased visibility on tourism marketing websites
  • Booker can help businesses generate more revenue as more consumers get to the final step of the buying process

Uniquely to Booker, the platform also allows tourism operators to have their booking website embedded on a tourism partner’s website (like OHTO’s). This means that if/when OHTO features you in a story, we would have the ability to add a “Book Now” button to your experience information, which would take consumers straight to your booking page. Easy, right?

Since OHTO receives roughly 500,000 website views to annually, operators who opt into Booker will give consumers an option to skip a step and go straight to booking an experience or accommodation. This means OHTO will be marketing your business for you, with a call to action that will be hard to miss!

Who Can Use Booker?

Booker is ideal for businesses that offer bookable experiences, like accommodations, tours, or anything that requires a reservation or commitment on the part of the consumer.  

Ontario’s Highlands’ tourism businesses who are members of OHTO are eligible to take part in this program and funding is available for a limited number of members to get free enrollment (on a first-come, first-served basis up to a maximum of 30 operators).

Interested? Watch this video to learn more about how Booker works:

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OHTO members who are interested in learning more about the Booker platform can schedule a Discovery Call with the TTC team and OHTO team or visit the website for more details.