Marketing is tough these days – there is a lot of online noise that can make it difficult for you to reach your customer base, let alone increase it. Small businesses everywhere are trying to find a wedge to get into the market and get their share of the tourism pie. 

So how can you make sure your voice is heard, that you are up to speed on the latest in industry developments, and that your customers can find you?

We have three words for you: Connect. With. OHTO.

Here at OHTO, we understand that tourism operators have their own stories to share about the amazing things they are achieving and building to bring visitors to the region. We also know how engaged operators are in staying up to speed on new developments with technology that impacts the industry, and how best to support the Earth through sustainable tourism. 

Our role is to provide the support tourism operators need to ensure tourism in our region continues to grow.

Who is OHTO?

The Ontario’s Highlands Tourism Organization (OHTO) exists to support tourism operators as they develop their tourism experiences and help create a competitive and viable tourism region within the RTO-11 boundaries. OHTO provides leadership for tourism operators to keep them informed on changes to industry best practices and develops a regional approach to strategic planning while developing a stronger marketing reach for the Ontario’s Highlands region. 

Why You Should Connect With Us

When you connect with us at OHTO, we are on your side. We want to help you by giving you access to information you need, like funding opportunities, and help to amplify your business through our marketing channels. 

OHTO’s consumer-facing Facebook and Instagram pages each have more than 30,000 followers who are engaging with us to find the best experiences to be had in Ontario’s Highlands. On a monthly basis, OHTO publishes content marketing pieces designed to capitalize on current trends and encourage visitation to our region. 

Each year, the website receives half-a-million pageviews and supports businesses within our region with nearly 40,000 clicks to operators. 

If you are a tourism business in Ontario’s Highlands we want to connect with you to learn more about your business, keep you informed, and help your business reach more people. The more you engage with us, the more we will know about your business and can better promote you. 

I’m Sold – How Can I Connect?

We’re so glad you asked! Connecting with OHTO is easy. Here’s how:

1. Become a Member (it's free!)
Sign up to be a member and receive our monthly industry newsletter, the Highland Highlights, to stay informed about industry news, the latest trends and research, and program updates. Plus, becoming a member will let the OHTO team know who you are and that you are interested in engaging with us. 

2. Connect with us on Industry Social Media
Our industry social media channels are where we share information and timely news that can help you grow your business. If you’re looking for funding opportunities or chances to expand your education, keep a close watch on our industry channels. 

Our industry social media channels are: Facebook: @OHTOInsider, Twitter: @ohtoinsider.

3. Submit Content Ideas 
Each month, OHTO releases a Monthly Guiding Question to gather information to develop new content in the coming months. Take a few minutes to provide your feedback and help us create better content! Feel free to promote your own business if it’s a good fit for the question that month.

4. Book a Discovery Call with the OHTO Team 
We want to highlight your story and share it with our potential visitors to help you tap into new audiences. To do this, we need to know about the experiences you offer. A Discovery Call provides us with content ideas to be featured on our website, social channels and through other exciting initiatives, such as e-blasts and influencer and media trips. We'll also share resources that might be of interest to you and help you achieve your goals. [Book a Discovery Call]

5. Connect with us on Consumer Social Media
Tag us in your post and mention us in your caption to keep us informed and top of mind. On Instagram, we use the hashtag #ComeWander to aggregate content for use on our page, and to gauge the engagement from industry. Like and follow our pages to help share the word about our fabulous region. If we are able and your post is timely, relevant, and a good fit, we will share your content through stories or posts to amplify your reach. 

Our consumer social media channels are: Facebook: @ontarioshighlands, Instagram: @onhighlands, Twitter: @onhighlands.

6. Sharing is Caring
See some great content on our page? Share it on your own! If we all work together we can reach a broader audience and elevate our region to a new level. 

7. Connect with Industry (and the OHTO team) at the AGM
Come say hi (virtually) at the Annual General Meeting held each October and demonstrate your commitment to our region and supporting tourism.

8. Join the Board
Passionate about tourism and have a few hours each month on your hands? Join the board! OHTO is currently seeking new board members to join the team and make changes in the tourism world in Ontario’s Highlands. Hear from current and new board members’ on what being a board member means to them by clicking on their names here.