The Haliburton Sculpture Forest is home to more than 40 outdoor sculptures for the public to explore and discover all months of the year. Since the beginning of COVID, the Haliburton Sculpture Forest experiences dramatic increase in the number of visitors - from 10,000 in 2019 to 40,000 in 2021. In order to maintain the environmental integrity of the forest and improve the visitor experience, they greatly enhanced the landscaping and signage with the support of the Regional Tourism Relief Fund.

Granite stairs have now replaced aging wood ones. The trails and areas surrounding each sculpture were re-graded and re-mulched to allow for better drainage during the more frequent heavy rain events.

The signage kiosk at the entrance to the forest was expanded. Signage for each sculpture was also updated to include QR codes to make a more accessible and interactive experience.

The improvements and enhancements made possible by the RTRF have ensured that the visitor experience at this key Haliburton attraction continues to be a premium, elevated experience for all visitors.