The Ottawa Valley is already a preferred motorcycle riding destination boasting some of the best routes featured in Ride the Highlands motorcycle routes. Now even more riders can explore the region thanks to a recent partnership between the Ontario’s Highlands Tourism Organization and the Ottawa Valley Tourist Association. The partnering organizations collaborated with the experts of the Ride the Highlands routes to create the new Ottawa Valley Adventure Motorcycle Route.
The new route, named the Pick Axe Route, winds and twists its way through mainly gravel backroads throughout Renfrew County. The draw of the route, which is scheduled to be ready for the 2023 riding season, is for the moderate adventure rider and is suitable for 800-1290cc bikes. The beauty of the route is that riders are encouraged to stop at many local restaurants, cafes, gas stations, tourist attractions and points on interest unique to the Ottawa Valley. The economic development potential is vast as riders coming by and large from Ottawa and Toronto will stay at local hotels, dine at local eateries and experience the forested beauty of area, encouraging them to return again and again.
Ride the Highlands are a series of motorcycle routes in and around the Ottawa Valley which is part of the larger Ontario’s Highlands Region. The routes celebrate the craftsmen as well as the loggers, miners and fur traders of the past who embraced the challenge of creating roads that hugged the rugged terrain. Ride the Highlands provides more than route maps; they describe the rich history of the region, the wholesomeness of the people and identify rider-friendly destinations to stop along the way. Ride the Highlands works in collaboration with local businesses to provide motorcycle only parking spots, kickstand pads as well as route maps and memorabilia.

The creation of this new Ottawa Valley Adventure Route is an opportunity for our region to attract a new type of motorcycle rider from a growing market hence driving new customers to Ottawa Valley businesses already along the route.
The Pick Axe Route’s creation was filmed by Ride the Highlands, the Ontario’s Highlands Tourism Organization and the Ottawa Valley Tourist Association and viewers can enjoy the inspirational video online on YouTube. 

Adventure motorcycle riders will be able to explore the new Ottawa Valley route this spring! 

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