OHTO is excited to announce the launch of a new summer marketing campaign, called “Remember When.” Launching in early May and completing the end of September 2024, the Remember When campaign will capitalize  on the sense of nostalgia visitors have when remembering the summers of their youth, those lazy summer days spent at the beach, when summer seemed to last forever, and those epic road trips to Ontario’s Highlands.

OHTO’s Remember When campaign will span five months of marketing promotion supported by five vertical videos, 10 content pieces, including five itineraries and five Local Wanderer stories. This campaign will connect visitors to Ontario’s Highlands as the place to relive their memories or create new ones, drive visitors to itineraries, referrals to operators, and use high-impact storytelling to emotionally connect the visitor to the region. 

This summer, join OHTO in inviting visitors to feel the nostalgia of the past and reconnect to their memories.  It's about reliving your 'Remember When' moments in Ontario's Highlands.

Remember When Pillars

Each month OHTO will promote one of the Remember When pillars through digital storytelling on Facebook, Instagram, X, Youtube and Tiktok. The campaign pillars are:

• May: Remember When…Time Stood Still?
• June: Remember When…Summer Seemed to Last Forever?
• July: Remember When…You Said Yes to Adventure?
• August: Remember When…You Encountered the Extraordinary?
• September: Remember When You…You Hit the Road?

How You Can Participate?

OHTO is inviting destination marketing organizations, tourism operators and stakeholders to participate in the Remember When campaign and be part of its success. Here’s how you can participate:

• Share posts and stories from Instagram
• Share information about the contest with your audiences
• Invite your audience to also Remember When through OHTO’s bragging rights contest
• Share your own Remember When stories!

Ontario's Highlands Bragging Rights Contest 

Ontario's Highlands Remember When Campaign's "Bragging Rights Contest" will launch on May 29, 2024 after the first campaign pulse is officially launched. 

Over the course of the Remember When Campaign, social posts will be made to our consumer facing Facebook, Instagram and X pages that will ask the Ontario's Highlands community what their "best of" is (ex. best of summer, best of ice cream spots, best of beaches) and participants will be asked to upload an image or video to accompany their "best of".

At the end of the campaign, five winners will be randomly selected and each winner will receive a $50 gift card for their next "best of" experience. 

Participants can upload their videos/images to our CrowdRiff Collector here: https://upload.crowdriff.com/remember-when-contest 

Interested in seeing what it's all about? Visit the Remember When campaign webpage here.