Being a member of the Ontario’s Highlands Tourism Organization (OHTO) just got better. OHTO has launched a new Member Portal, an easy-to-use digital platform where tourism business operators can access opportunities, information about the tourism landscape in Ontario, and OHTO programs and funding. 

Here at OHTO, we are always looking for ways to improve our delivery of programming and support to tourism operators and stakeholders, while encouraging membership and engagement. 

Our goals in developing the new Member Portal were to:

  1. Provide operators with access to opportunities that leverage resources and build capacity;
  2. Enable operators to better understand OHTO and the regional tourism landscape; and,
  3. Achieve greater engagement from members through participation in programming and funding opportunities.

What is the Member Portal and Why Should I Care?

The Member Portal is essentially a one-stop-shop for everything industry related from OHTO, to make it easier for members to access the information they need, when they need it. It’s an online platform that is accessed through a username and password exclusively for OHTO members - it is one of the benefits of membership with OHTO!

New for 2023, the Member Portal is a valuable resource and the best way of ensuring members are up to date on tourism news and opportunities. Members who register for the Member Portal will find a broader scope of tourism information like marketing trends relevant to tourism operators, along with important educational opportunities to expand knowledge and support growth.

The Member Portal’s focus is on supporting the growth and sustainability of the tourism industry in the region. The portal offers OHTO members access to:

  • Skills development and education through OHTO’s Expand Your Knowledge Series, available through webinar recordings and resource sharing;
  • Research and tourism best practices, including the latest trends in tourism and relevant statistics;
    Marketing resources and opportunities 
  • Partnership opportunities and success stories
  • Product and experiential development resources

To assist members and prospective members in accessing the new Member Portal, one of the modules in OHTO’s Expand Your Knowledge Series focused on registering for the Member Portal and how to navigate the online platform. This session provides a comprehensive overview of the portal’s benefits and detailed instructions on how to access. Watch the webinar here or find it below.

Past and upcoming webinars and resources available on the portal will include topics such as Tourism Investment Advocacy, Ride the Highlands, Feast On Certification, OHTO’s new Booker platform, Sustainability Action Planning, and Indigenous Allyship. Watch past educational webinars and register for upcoming sessions here

How to Access the Member Portal

Accessing the Member Portal is easy. Visit and select “Member Portal” in the top menu. This will open up a new tab in your browser and display the Member Portal log-in page. To register, simply select the “Register” link and follow the instructions to complete your registration or enrollment. 

  • Registration for CURRENT OHTO Members: 
    Current OHTO Members can complete the registration form online to create a username and password for the Member Portal. Your username will be your email address associated with OHTO for your membership. 
  • Enrollment for PROSPECTIVE OHTO Members:
    For those interested in becoming an OHTO Member, we’ve streamlined the process so the new Member Portal registration form will not only create your account for the Portal, but also complete membership enrollment with OHTO. One form, two steps complete!

Help Us Help You

Help us help you! Register for the member portal today. Your FREE membership matters.

For more information or if you are having trouble accessing the portal or completing your registration or enrollment, please contact Kasey Rogerson, Director of Industry Development, at